Sustainable Development

    MG VOWGAS Limited’s commitment to sustainability is defined as actively working to make a positive impact in our communities and on the environment, while remaining fiscally responsible. Promoting social well-being and protecting the environment is now a common business expectation, alongside efforts to provide shareholder value. Our guiding principle of social responsibility, along with ongoing innovations, are increasing efficiencies, reducing carbon emissions, and improving quality of life. This holistic journey to sustainability captures the social, environmental, and economic aspects of responsible business practices, while encouraging growth.

    Working towards a sustainable future means we recognize the importance of operating with minimal environmental impact while maximizing economic and social benefit on jobsites, in offices, and throughout communities.

    MG VOWGAS Limited expands its focus beyond sustainable construction to encompass a holistic approach to focus on how it makes its People, Projects, Practices, Places, and Partnerships more sustainable. This 5P Model of Sustainability allows us to measure, evaluate, and increase sustainability efforts.

    MG VOWGAS Limited ensures a sustainable work force and vibrant client relationships through these 5Ps and strives to be sustainable while remaining socially, environmentally, and economically sound. Together, these efforts promote every facet of the organization and maintain employee engagement and vitality.