MG VOWGAS Limited has been setting the industry standard for HSSE Performance in recent times. The Health & Safety of our employees comes second to none. The environment where we operate is also protected at all times to ensure optimum yield of same environment and to avoid irreversible environmental degradation. The lives of our employees cannot be measured against any asset owned by the company at such, we promote internationally accepted safe working standards through training and re-training of our staff.

The organisations HSE policy defines health and safety as a culture that must be embraced at all levels of the company. Employees and Management must ensure total adherence to all written procedures, processes, rules and regulation and display full commitment to ensuring that safety standards are promoted at all times.

At MG VOWGAS Limited, we pursue a zero injury program in all facilities where we operate and all members of the organisation already see it as a goal worth pursuing. With Zero fatalities recorded so far in all our operating facilities, one can proudly say that our HSE Management System is functional and measuring up to global standards and best practices.

MG VOWGAS Limited is an international Member of the British Safety Council & Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria. The company is a proud winner of the 2015 International Safety Awards from the British Safety Council. We are also elated to be associated with the EU-OSHA 2014-2015 Healthy Workplaces Campaign.

Employees in all spheres of the organisation see Safety as a way of life and it is because of that sole reason that we have had a clean slate in a 3years long HSE Performance Statistics with only non-recordable incidents, zero LTI’s and zero fatality achieved through a 246,000 Man-hour average for the past 3years. Ironically, MG VOWGAS has achieved the “goal zero” target long before the campaign started.

The Organisation’s HSE/MS revolves around the standards defined by OHSAS 18001: 2007.