MG Vowgas Limited procurement strategy is centred on the standard procurement model shown below and in-addition to its global experience, in-depth understanding of the international markets and its excellent relationship with key suppliers, OEM’s, has enabled us to provide the best materials, equipment and services on time, within budget and with the best quality. Hence we have successfully delivered various projects in the most challenging environment.

Strategic Sourcing

With our strategic sourcing contacts across the globe, we have in-house capability to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase and provide the logistics support for the materials and services to any location or project site. MG Vowgas Limited has competent procurement staff, well conversant with the markets, customs and established environmental regulations. These localised knowledge effectively enhance the deliverability and quick resolution of conflicts.

MG Vowgas Limited procurement standard practices comply with Federal Acquisition Regulations, Uniform Commercial Code, State and Local Government regulations, from which we establish MG Vowgas Limited procurement policies and procedures.

Contract Management

MG Vowgas Limited contract experts are experienced staff that effectively support the full scope of the upstream and downstream management of the contracting activity. For efficient contract management strategy, we utilize competitive bidding and negotiate long-term agreement with suppliers and OEM to obtain competitive prices for materials, equipment and services, to overcome the challenges of market fluctuations and delays in project delivery. MG Vowgas Limited also embark on extensive market research on suppliers to ensure accurate estimates, select the best products and obtain the best prices.