Environmental Protection

    The organisation’s commitment to Environmental Protection cannot be over-emphasized. In a generic note, only few companies in the African sub-region adjusted and harmonized their operations with the dictates of the Rio Earth Summit even though such laws were ratified in most countries in Africa. MG VOWGAS Limited is among the few firms who are currently using modern technology to reduce emissions and reduce to the barest minimum the generation of effluents/waste that have the capability to degrade the Environment.

    As the world continues to battle Global Warming, we understand that our developmental/industrial activities can impinge negatively on the ozone layer, thereby causing irreversible damages capable of expunging Man from the face of the earth. At such, we have gone extra mile in ensuring that we either eliminate processes that generates CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons)/Green House Gases or we minimize them. MG VOWGAS Limited, just like every firm in the new industrial frontier supports all initiatives both local and international aimed at reducing carbon emissions and fostering a green environment safe for everyone and other species to inhabit.

    Our people also understands that for the environment to be ambient and maintain its aesthetic qualities, each project must begin with an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). The final report and recommendations are put to good use during the project planning stage, execution stage and long after the project has been completed. For a perfect eco-balance, all species must play their role in the environment. The symbiotic relationship among all species in any area where we operate cannot be altered nor threatened. That is why from the onset, we developed sound Environmental Protection Policies geared at protecting all facets of our eco-system.

    MG VOWGAS Limited has continued to adopt the best & safest methods in managing waste generated during production in all its business sectors. Industrial waste are at all times treated before discharge into seas or designated areas. Air pollution has been set to ALARP and loss of diversity is greatly frowned at through current policies, regulations and laws.

    We believe that we have worked towards embracing all resolutions reached at both international level summits and local environmental regulations and policies. So far, we can proudly claim that as at 2009, we have developed our Environmental Management System to sync with declarations and agreements of the Kyoto Protocol, Vienna Convention on the Protection of the Ozone Layer and Rio Declaration on Environment & Development. These agreements have being ratified into Nigerian Environmental Policies and we have followed suit in adhering strictly to them. MG VOWGAS Limited is ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) compliant.