corporate social responsibility

    At MG Vowgas Limited we pride ourselves on being a relevant and integral member of the communities we operate in. The company embarks on people driven projects designed to empower residents in host communities. As a socially responsible company, we believe being part of these communities foster a conducive and enabling work environment.

    Road Construction

    MG Vowgas Limited assists in construction of access roads as a corporate social responsibility. The provision of basic infrastructure is what we pride ourselves in to support communities we work in.

    Employment Opportunities and community welfare

    MG Vowgas is an equal opportunity employer with diverse workforce, providing employment opportunities for eligible members of the host community.

    Scholarship Scheme

    We provide educational support to enhance academic achievement for serious children especially in the host community. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses and study materials.


    Charitable acts are reflected in all parts of our operations. So far, MG Vowgas has done well by all standards in terms of charity and it shall continue its quest to render assistance to host communities and the larger society where we deemed it fit to extend our policy on charity.