Integrated Cashes Summary

    MG VOWGAS Limited is wholly committed to the rendering of services to the Oil & Gas sector of the Nigerian economy. We understand that apart from the fact that protecting the lives of our employees and the environment where we operate will fulfill a statutory requirement, we also believe that it means SMART business. At such, all employees and most importantly, the management of MG VOWGAS Limited must ensure;

  • Health and Safety of our employees and the people who could be directly impacted by our operations.
  • Protection and Preservation of the Environment and the adoption of principles of Environmental Sustainability.
  • All employees, management and subcontractors must act in accordance with laid down processes, procedures, rules and regulations that are geared towards ensuring that the safety and health of our people are protected.
  • All must be committed to making sure that CASHES becomes a culture rather than merely displaying lip service to safety.
  • Ensure that our employees and contractors employees are trained to understand the CASHES aspect of their jobs or roles.
  • Establish accountability and responsibility for CASHES within organizational line management;
  • Establish a framework to benchmark CASHES goals and objective in other to measure its successes and guard against failures.
  • Identify all risks and hazards associated with any of our operations and proffer solutions aimed at eliminating the risks/hazards or protecting our employees while exposed to such hazards.
  • Proactively prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses of workers, contractors and the people who may be directly impacted by our activities.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability while trying to manage waste generated from our activities.
  • Ensure resource & biodiversity conservation by adopting Eco-friendly operations techniques.
  • Ensure that all products and equipment supplied meets acceptable global standards of quality.